The Pakistani army is fighting the war against terrorism whereas the ruling political party, PML-N, with government in the centre and as well as in Punjab, instead of implementing its part of the National Action Plan, is fighting against PTI and PAT. This political tussle was initiated when PML-N was accused of illegitimacy, and has now grown to involve the corruption that has surfaced in the Panama Papers.  

PAT is demanding justice for the 10 deceased and 19 wounded workers who were carelessly attacked in broad daylight two years ago by the Punjab Police. Neither the judiciary nor the Punjab government are dispensing appropriate justice to families of the victims. Now the leaders of PML-N and PTI can be seen exchanging indecent language and threatening physical elimination in regards to the Panama Papers and Model Town massacre. PPP is playing a double game by supporting the demand of PTI and PAT but also taking sides with the PML-N government to protect its own leaders’ corruption.  

MQM is trying to save its Quaid although it is now clear that its leadership had been receiving funds from Indian RAW and its militant wing has been involved in target killing, extortion, and land grabbing. Instead of banning MQM, PML-N and PPP are supporting the party for political expediency. The Prime Minister himself and the PPP nominated Chief Minister of Sindh are vehemently interfering in the police operations. This is exactly what has turned the police force into a dysfunctional institution. The people are wondering who will save them from the corrupt, incompetent, and selfish politicians who are responsible for making Pakistan a banana republic. PML-N is waiting for the retirement of the Chief of Army Staff and is using attention diverting tactics to put the Panama leaks scandal under the rug. The politicians know that the army has no intention to establish their rule but I request the military establishment to save the 200 million Pakistanis from this political chaos. After all, it is also their responsibility to save the country from internal and external threats. 


Lahore, September 17.