KAMALIA-The noise and smoke emitting motorcycle rickshaws and poorly maintained vehicles in Kamalia and surroundings, are taking its toll on the public health and the citizens have blamed officials apathy and indifference for the menace.

According to the report of a survey conducted by this correspondent, residents of different areas said that the faulty vehicles and poorly maintained motorcycle rickshaws are the major cause behind noise pollution in the city, adding these vehicles also emit smoke which not only pollutes the atmosphere but also causes lungs diseases. They said that the traffic police and the administration have turned a blind eye to this grave situation, pointing out that they virtually have left the public at the mercy of these pollution-emitting vehicles. They demanded the authorities concerned to take action against such rickshaws and remove all these faulty vehicles from the city.

When contacted, Kamalia DSP Mehr Muhammad Saeed told this correspondent that traffic police are making all-out efforts to remove faulty motorcycle rickshaws from the city, adding cases are also being registered against the owners of such vehicles.


The Fesco Kamalia recovered 49,779 power units during a vigorous crackdown launched on electricity pilferers here the other day.

Talking to media, Fesco Kamalia Xen Ch Khadim Hussain said that the Fesco also fined the power stealers Rs0.9 million and cases have been registered against them in different police stations.

Ch Khadim vowed to continue the operation until the malpractice is eliminated from the city, adding the electricity thieves do not deserve any leniency and will be awarded exemplary punishment. He also urged the citizens to inform local Fesco office if they find any kind of power theft, assuring their identity will be kept secret.

Christian community stands

by Kashmiri brethren

The Christian community fully supports Kashmiris’ struggle for the right to self-determination.

PML-N minority leader Ashraf Jan Sandhu stated at a rally organised here to express solidarity with Kashmiris. He said that the Christian community strongly condemn Indian atrocities being committed against unarmed civilians in the held Kashmir. “India and the world powers do not want to resolve the burning Kashmir issue as they do not let Kashmir go into Pakistan,” he pointed out. He said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif effectively raised the Kashmir conflict in the UNGA. He said that the PM also urged the world for early resolution to the issue for lasting peace in the region.

Criticising Indian government’s violence against minorities, he said that minorities are being ill-treated in India where the Christian worship places are burnt every other day. “In Pakistan, we are free to perform our religious rituals and minorities here are well-protected as compared to India,” he said. He also urged the world community to resolve the issue at the earliest as during the ongoing burning situation; any untoward incident can trigger a bloodiest war in the region. Saleem Mughal, Lal Shehbaz, Shaukat Bhatti, Laal Shehbazi, Shaukat Bhatti, Shafqat Raza and other leaders also addressed the rally.