BAHAWALPUR-It is due to the effective role being played by the Ulema that Bahawalpur division has witnessed a peaceful atmosphere ahead of the holy month Muharramul Haram.

“This is reflection of strong dedication and commitment of our Ulema, belonging to all schools of thoughts, for the promotion of peace and tranquillity in society.”

Coordinator to Punjab CM for Punjab Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen Committee (PIBMC) Dr Abdul Ghafoor Rashid stated while presiding over a joint meeting of the PIBMC and Divisional Peace Committee here the other day.

On the occasion, he said that the CM’s dream of peaceful and prosperous Punjab is being materialised through dedicated services of Ulema which has created an atmosphere of brotherhood in the division. He said that Islam is religion of peace and discourages all kinds of violence. He claimed that under the enthusiastic leadership of Bahawalpur Commissioner Saqib Zafar, the division stands as a symbol of peace and tranquillity which deserves collective appreciation from all the stakeholders. Dr Rashid also assured foolproof security on Ashura, appealing to Ulema and notables to continue playing due role for the maintenance of peace in the division.

Later, Commissioner Saqib Zafar and other members of the PIBMC presented garland to Bahawalpur Peace Karwan President Hafiz Muhammad Younis for his services for Ittehad Bainul Muslimeen.