LAHORE: Police said the body of 25-year woman, who was killed with a sharp weapon, was found near a sewer in Lahore.

The body was found stuffed into a bag appears to be two days old. The body was tied with ropes after it was put into a bag. 

Forensic experts and crime scene unit have gathered the clues and necessary from the spot and started investigations to confirm the motive behind the murder. 

According to details, local people informed police about a suspicious suitcase lying near a nullah in Chauburji Park. Rushing to the site, police found body of a woman wrapped in a gunny sack from the case.

Police said that Usman, the husband of the deceased woman named Anum, took her to DHA area of Lahore where he strangled Anum to death.

The police also said that seven people, including a taxi driver, assisted Usman in the murder. They added that Usman fled to Saudi Arabia after the murder.