Islamabad - Human rights activist Asma Jahangir on Tuesday demanded the government to produce the abducted former principal of Pak-Turk School and his family before the court.

She was addressing a joint press conference here held by the parents association of Pak-Turk School.  She said that Turkish people affiliated with Pak-Turk schools were living in the country under international law under which the UNHCR had permitted them to stay in the country.

She said that the case of their visa extension was in the court where the Attorney General had admitted that Turkish families living in Pakistan were holding UNHCR certificates and they cannot be deported.

“The abduction of Turkish family in Lahore is a contempt of court,” she said. “It is a human rights issue like Rohingya Muslims as well as Kashmiri people who are also suffering in their own homeland,” said Asma.  She said that that around 50,000 people in Turkey are in jails and it is a humanitarian problem.

“The Turkish families in Pakistan have not violated any law of the country and in other case they must be brought before the law through a proper procedure,” she said.

She said that Pakistan and Turkish government enjoys cordial relations and so the loving relationship is between the people of both countries.

“The teachers have only taught and did nothing wrong,” said Asma. She said that the police refused to register the FIR for the abducted family and the LHC was approached again for FIR registration.

“We cannot accuse anyone who took the family, however, the eyewitness statement is pointing towards Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs),” she said.

Pak-Turk Schools Association of Parents, representative, Muhammad Zahid Khan condemning the abduction of Mesut Kacmaz said that the Turkish foundation and the citizens have never been involved in any illegal activity in the country.  Responding to The Nation, he said that the families here are facing threats from certain section to leave the country as soon as possible.

He said that any effort of handing over the Pak-Turk schools to any other Turkish foundation will be resisted. The Turkish families were allowed by the court to live in the country, he said.