LAHORE - The Hameed Nizami Press Institute of Pakistan Tuesday organised a seminar titled ‘Rohingya Muslims Issue – Permanent Solution and Emergency Relief’ at its Auditorium.

Former foreign minister Sardar Assef Ahmad Ali presided over while JI leader Dr Farid Piracha, Dr Ijaz Butt and World Columnists Club Chairman Dilawar Ch were the chief guests. HNPIP Director Absar Abdul Ali was the moderator. The speakers stressed the need for stepping up efforts and establishing a fund for Rohingya Muslims.

Sardar Assef said Pakistan remained without a foreign minister for four years and there was no foreign policy. He said that he as a foreign minister worked hard for Bosnian Muslims.

 “The Islamic military was established but a war would be imposed on Yemen, Syria and Iraq that might be the third world war,” he apprehended.

Dr Farid Piracha said: “We have double standards. After the Soviet Union, they needed an enemy that they searched in Muslims. Muslims in Burma were murdered and no one was there to raise their voice.”

Dilawar Ch said the Muslim world should not fight for the cause on moral grounds rather on a power basis.  He said that the Muslims should empower them in education and technology to compete the leading nations.

Dr Ejaz Butt said that both India and China are on the same page on the issue and the US would do nothing except lip-service.