ISLAMABAD - A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court to declare the Election Act 2017 null and void as it is against the basic structure of the constitution.

A lawyer Advocate Zulfiqar Ahmed Bhutta on Tuesday filed the petition under Article 184 (3) of Constitution and made federation through Secretary Cabinet Division and Secretary Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs as respondent.

He said that Election Act, 2017 would enable a disqualified parliamentarian to head the political party. He said that the Act is against the basic structure of Constitution as disqualified person against whom sufficient prosecutable evidence brought on record or may be brought on record in the future by the law enforcement agencies or any other department working under the law will head the party.

Bhutta said the disqualified person now can control legislation and voting in the National Assembly due to Article 63 (A) (b) of the Constitution. He said the Act goes against Article 5 of the Constitution, which says that “Loyalty to the State is the basic duty of every citizen”. He said the Act will exploit the members of National Assembly who will not be able to vote for important matters according to their free will.