Atta-ur-Rehman in his article “Towards Technocracy “, published on 20th September, applauded military regimes in Pakistan. He argued that overall the average annual GDP growth rate under 32 years military regimes has been 6.3% however under 38 years of democratic regimes it has mounted to only 4%. Other indicators were reduction of poverty, technocratic ministers and quality of governance was far better. Against this backdrop these dictators founded a solid base of anarchy and chaos in Pakistan; this further intensified the relationship with our neighbors as they have fought three imminent wars (1965, 1971, and 1999) with India. 

The 1965 war, at the time of Gen Ayub, claimed hundreds of innocent people. The war of 1971 in Gen Yahya’s era, the Indian army apprehended 90000 Pakistani troops and also dashed our country into two pieces. While in the regime of Gen Zia, he sowed the seeds of extremism by joining the Afghan- Soviet union war in 1979. The fourth dictator Gen Pervaiz Musharraf also brought hundreds of innocent people to drink at the pool of death by launching an operation on Lal masjid. He classified Taliban into bad and good Taliban and granted Pakistani air bases to America for using it against the Afghan Taliban. Owing to that, today Pakistan’s image is tarnished due its failure to clampdown on terrorism issues. They have ingrained in the basic fabric of our society. 

Hence, military is not a best answer for the prosperity and development of Pakistan, instead we should adopt a presidential format of government with technocratic ministers. All the candidates for the post of president, ministers and other key positions (NAB, FOR, FIAT, SECP, state bank and police) should be thoroughly screened by judicial committee appointed by Supreme Court. 


Balochistan, September 21.