MIRPUR (AJK)-The state-run Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST)’s vice chancellor Dr Habibur Rehman urged the Kashmiri expatriates to vibrantly play their key role abroad for highlighting the Kashmir issue at all international forums.

He urged the expats to muster maximum sympathies of the international community, especially the British and Europe for early grant of the legitimate right to self-determination to the people of Jammu & Kashmir through free and fair plebiscite under the spirit of the international norms and commitments in line with the UN resolutions.

AJK President Sardar Masood Khan, who is also Chancellor of the MUST Varsity and the Kashmir-born Member of the British Parliament Ms Naz Shah were the chief guest on this occasion.

Prof Habibur Rehman continued that the role of the Kashmiris in European and British parliaments were projecting the Kashmir issue and bringing it up at the parliaments’ floors and world human right organisations forums, and their efforts need wide recognition. We understand that their efforts matter a lot and hope that they would continue working for Pakistan by promoting the Kashmir cause.

Overseas Kashmiris, he underlined, have attained present positions through hard work and continuing struggle made them able to win elections and sit in the European and British parliaments. “We are happy that they still take pride in their origin and have been considering working for the prosperity of people in their respective area. We are grateful to them for using their positions for the Kashmir cause. They have been highlighting the human right violations in the Indian Occupied Kashmir and facilitating efforts for internationalising Kashmir issue through their associations and elected representatives. There are many bright examples; two of them are of Naz Shah and Raja Najabat Hussain. We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of Naz Shah for the Kashmir cause,” he said.

The VC also applauded the contribution of Kashmiri expatriates’ elder Raja Najabat Hussain for the Kashmir cause, in particular, for facilitating the participation of Kashmiri leaders in the seminar/ conferences on the Kashmir issue. “Their efforts for the Kashmir cause are continuing and being appreciated by the people and governments of Europe, particularly the British parliament and are deeply acknowledged by the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

He said that the overseas Kashmiris have not only been serving the Kashmir cause but also playing commendable role in the development of AJK. “What we have in Mirpur is due to them. This city is built with their hard earned money and world standard businesses developed due to them,” he said.

“The expatriates also donate a lot charity to the people and institutions in Mirpur. Kashmir Institute of Cardiology and Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust are worth mentioning examples,” he said. “They have also been giving to individuals. We would like to invite them for contributing in building people, as investing in future of youth is the most important for the nation, it will have certain impact and shall remain visible for all time to come. I request them to please contribute in the development of the MUST through the university products.”

The VC said that the university will acknowledge their contribution to its publications and also recognise the contribution by naming the university products after the names of their parent or other relatives. For example, they may name the university gold medal just for rupees one million. Names of your loved ones will be inscribed on small and large plates on the purpose built wall for only rupees one and two hundred thousands, respectively, he detailed.

“It is indeed worthwhile recognition. Detail of the university products is available on the university website and also given in the brochure,” he added.

The MUST, Dr Habibur Rehman said, had been on the forefront in organising seminars and conferences on Kashmir. “We are happy that we have been a part of the seminars and conferences and promoted academic discussions on the Kashmir conflict. We would continue playing our role in this regard,” he said.

The vice chancellor underlined that the seminar was the second in the series of seminars on the role of Kashmiri Diaspora for Kashmir cause. The vice chancellor hoped that the seminar would lead to encourage the already-extended contribution and more active role of the Kashmiri Diaspora towards the Kashmir cause.

Landlord accused of

harassing woman

A woman accused a local landlord of harassing and threatening her with dire consequences over enmity with her family here the other day.

Talking to media, Nusrat Mai said that she was married to Shehzad and leading a happy life with her family. She alleged that Barkat Ali, a local landlord, threatened to abduct and kill her over personal enmity with her family. He also threatened to implicate her and her husband in fake cases. She demanded the authorities concerned take notice of the issue.