LOndon - PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz remarked that party head and her father Nawaz Sharif continues to dominate Pakistani politics.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, she criticised her political opponents and said: “Shows how frustrated they are that no amount of plotting & scheming against MNS has worked. He continues to dominate Pakistani politics.”

She remarked that people worried about Nawaz becoming the head of the party have no relation to PML-N.

She also said that a democratic constitution was turned into a dictatorial constitution just to remove Nawaz. “Those bothered about PML-N’s internal politics should focus on their own parties,” she said, adding their political opponents should work on making their party that of the people.

Referring to Imran Khan disqualification case in Supreme Court, she asked “If it is not a crime to not declare 6.5 percent of the money trail, then why wasn't an average taken out of the AED10,000, which were not shown as part of Nawaz Sharif's assets?”