KARACHI: Pakistan Oilfields Limited, the country’s third-largest explorer Wednesday said it has found new oil and gas reserves from its onshore block in district Attock at the north of the country, a filing of the company said.

The company has made a significant oil and gas discovery in its Ikhlas Block, locate in northern Potwar, about 83 kilometer southwest of Islamabad in Attock district, the company said in a filing to Pakistan Stock Exchange.

The drilling of a deep exploratory well “Jhandial-1” was proposed acquisition and interpretation of recently acquired 3D seismic data, the statement said.

The well was drilled down to base Paleocene, with a total depth of 18,497 feet and during production testing, the significant amount of hydrocarbons were encountered, the company.

Pakistan Oilfields said in choke size of 32/64” the average flow of crude oil amounts to 2,160 barrels per day and gas flow was 19 MMscfd.

The gas composition analysis indicates that it has about 86% of methane, 7.2% ethane, and 2.9% propane. LPG content is around 2.5 tons per 1 MMscf of gas. The well is connected to the production line within two week time and gradually will attain full potential.

Pakistan Oilfields holds 80% working interest in the field while 20% share belonged to Attock Oil Company.