LOS ANGELES-Russell Crowe has launched his own range of tea bags. The 53-year-old actor handed out free boxes of Crowe’s Tea to fans while he was touring with his band Indoor Garden Party, and Russell is said to be excited about his latest business opportunity. An insider explained: ‘’Russell is excited about his new venture. The tea bags are proving a real hit too.’’ Russell’s product is expected to hit supermarket shelves in the near future, with fans having already given the tea bags their seal of approval. The source told the Daily Star newspaper: ‘’They’ve gone down a storm at his recent gigs. We’re certain they’ll be hitting the supermarkets in no time.’’ Russell has created the tasty beverage in conjunction with Yorkshire Tea and to mark their relationship, the Hollywood star even dropped in at the firm’s headquarters in Harrogate in England to deliver a surprise performance. Yorkshire Tea marketing director Dom Dwight admitted to being caught completely by surprise by the acclaimed actor, who won an Academy Award for his starring role in the Ridley Scott-directed drama ‘Gladiator’.

He said: ‘’It was a complete surprise for staff when Russell and the band parked up their tour bus for a tea break on their way to the City Varieties.

‘’We can’t thank them enough for dropping by and treating us to a performance.’’

Meanwhile, Russell recently insisted he has no apprehensions about performing with his band, because he’s always felt ‘’comfortable’’ as a musician.

He shared: ‘’It was strange for me when I got famous and people implied that I shouldn’t do music any more because now that I’m famous I shouldn’t try to be more famous.

‘’The fact that I’ve worked in bands since I was 14, I was in musical theatre from a young age, and all that, the stage is a place I’m extremely comfortable with.’’