Mother’s health is of great importance as she has to not only look after the house but her children too. Elaj Trust came forward with a video to create awareness about Postpartum depression (PPD).

There are very few people who know of PPD, its symptoms range from Postpartum blues and some experience a far more serious condition known as Postpartum Psychosis. Every woman should consult a doctor for PPD to know what she can undergo after delivery. In some families it is inherited while in others it starts all of a sudden. Due to pregnancy and delivery hormones in a woman go through a lot of changes.

According to stats of Gulamani, Shaikh, Chagani, Nursing for Women's Health, 2013, 28 percent to 63 percent mother suffer from PPD in Pakistan, which are the highest in Asia.

Elaj made a video to show how PPS effects mothers and what their spouses should do in such a situation. Care and understanding from the husband can be very helpful for the mother to recover from PPS. This is an issue which should not be ignored, as this condition would hurt the child too.

Elaj is a social welfare trust that seeks to promote, proliferate and innovate modern healthcare solutions in Pakistan.