In present Pakistanis are suffering from poverty and joblessness. The people who are compelled to feed their children since poverty forced them for begging. But the majority of the beggars are physically fit, made begging a profession of easily earning money than a governmental survey. Because all their family members are in the habits of begging weather married or unmarried. The males are 20 to 40 years they don’t do any other work just beg and use drugs will these monies and females are 18 to 30 years they come thousand times even though make thousand different excuses, sometimes widow, orphans and needy. 

Actually, there are needy among them and need the help of the public, but their numbers are very few since they never say the fact therefore, people have doubts over them. Even their small children are under 10 years started begging. They can’t even think about education and about making a successful career. They are more focused on earning money because per day they easily can earn 2000 to 3000 rupees combinely. 

However, they can be seen easily wondering everywhere on the streets either schools, colleges, mosques, hospitals, on roads and many other sites. And some are having a thick red-carpet that is covered with a plastic as a source of excuse. In fact, begging become a business and all citizens are fed up of them, instead of bringing beggars on the right path people feel uncomfortable over themselves and directly give money. Thus, it is a government duty to provide some chances of small jobs for less educated people that begging a profession should be stopped. 


Turbat, September 21.