As we know that, the Media is the fourth pillar of the State. The media plays an important role in today’s world. No doubt Media is providing important information, but today’s media is rapidly spreading false news and rumours, which is equivalent to a crime, people are also blind-eyed and believing on spreaded fake news on social media. Abuse of media can worsen the conditions of any society.

People think that media only provides entertainment and useful information but it also contains pornographic content that can easily mislead the children. Today the person gives more time to social media than his friends and family. Children are wasting their precious time in posting selfies and watching funny videos on social media instead of self study, they do not even realize that this thing will not work anymore in future and their future is devastating rapidly because childrens have sensitive mind that the type of movie they watch it leave everlasting effects on their personality. Our TV channels reflect western civilization. We are forgetting our religion in the name of fashion. All channels are in the racing of rating to give news first rather than giving the correct news.

Actually some channels have not journalist by profession, they manipulate the opinion of masses and misled them. It needs to make a successful society. Media can improve society by taking some simple steps like they can change the views of masses by their positive campaigns and focus on social issues and provide accurate information about economic, political, social, sports and give religious programs so that people can get awareness and media should not be misused. They should check before share and take the extra few seconds to look over the source from where that content picked up. Media should be certified, transparent, and interrogated.


Karachi, September 22.