LAHORE - Two minor girls, sexually abused by their father for years, are finally free from torture after his arrest, although ill-fated mother still fears returning of the old agony after possible release of the rapist in near future.

Although police have deployed security at family’s house on Katarband Road in Thokar Niaz Baig area, perturbed mother recalled two years old incident when the rapist returned home after brief stay of couple of days at Chung Police Station due to ‘lack of evidence’.

The mother was worried about the security and future of girls. She said saw horrible situation when the culprit was released. She was also worried about making ends meet in the aftermath of arrest of the sole bread winners of the family.

But this worry of her was addressed quickly on Wednesday as the Punjab government upon the direction of CM Punjab, Usman Buzdar, provided Rs0.5 million assistance to the family and assured full cooperation for girls’ education. Punjab Social Welfare Department Secretary visited the family and handed over the cheque to the mother of the girls. Speaking on the occasion, the secretary said the family will be given complete social protection in future.

The mother also went to Hanjarwal Police Station for recording statement.

Giving details of her brief meeting with the rapist, she said the person behind the bars threatened her of dire consequences on returning home.

“You installed secret cameras and handed over clips to media. I will not forgive you,” she quoted him as saying. In the same breath, she said, the rapist begged for mercy while promising good and responsible behaviour on release.

“Give me last chance to become a good person,” she quoted his words in police custody.

The police have said the rapist has confessed.

The Child Protection Bureau team also visited the home of the ill-fated family and offered free shelter, education and treatment from qualified psychologists to help the girls deal with their trauma.

One of the team members, a psychiatrist who wanted not to be named due to certain reasons, told this reporter that it would take long time for children to come out of the trauma of being assaulted by their own father for years.

The two children, aged 9, and 5, were also taken for a medical examination on Wednesday.

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar had ordered a raid late on Tuesday night to save the two young girls from hellish abuse by their father.

The mother of five had approached The Nation with harrowing videos, showing her husband brutally assaulting his two daughters. The rapist was recorded sexually abusing his daughters in videos made with a mobile phone camera hidden by his wife in a small rented room.

More than a dozen video clips have been handed over as evidence to the police, containing harrowing and distressing scenes of the worst kinds of abuse.

The mother decided to go to the extent of recording abuse of her daughters after she was allegedly denied justice when she approached police two years ago. She said the rapist was set free by Chung Police due to ‘unavailability of solid evidence”. He has been brutally torturing her since that day, and detained her in small house.

She said her neighbour advised her two months back to approach the media for justice. She approached this reporter, and said she had video evidence, so that this time her plea would not be dismissed for “lack of evidence”.

It was Tuesday after midnight when a heavy contingent of police arrested the accused from his house in the slum locality. Since the matter was highly sensitive, The Nation and Nawa-i-Waqt management decided to publish the story after ensuring the arrest of the accused. The identity of the victims and accused was kept in secret due to the sensitivity of the issue.

Police register FIR

City police on Wednesday registered a criminal case against the father who was arrested for raping his two daughters.

A police official told The Nation that a criminal case (FIR No 1561) was registered against the accused under section 376 of the Pakistan Penal Code. The rape case was registered against the accused on the complaint of his wife. The suspect was later handed over to the investigation police for further interrogation.