GUJRANWALA - The cashier of a multinational beverage company has made marrying women and then leaving them on one pretext or the other a business.

Jamshed Qaiser, 36, working for the company based in Gujranwala, feels no remorse for spoiling lives of women and is determined to tread on the same path in future, no matter what would be the consequences.

His third marriage, solemnized in April 2018, is on the verge of break-up at present, although a male baby was born to them only about seven months ago. He did not visit his wife (Farah) and the son during this period, nor ever paid them any maintenance to enable the mother to meet the expenditure. She has been living with her parents for about eight months.

Also his third marriage, solemnized in April 2018, is on the verge of break-up

His inhuman behaviour has forced the parents to approach the beverage company for action against this ‘greedy beast’. They want his services terminated so that he is not in a position to deceive any more family.

Also, the wife’s parents are going to move the relevant court.

It may be a coincidence that two earlier wives of Jamshed had the same name – Maria. One was divorced and the other committed suicide by taking poisonous pills because of his consistent maltreatment.

Jamshed’s brother-in-law is a former dispenser and he calls himself a doctor. A Parkinson’s patient ‘Dr’ Imtiaz practices at home in Abdaal village, near Gujranwala.

Farah has appealed to the police to arrest the quack under the relevant law.