Acid attack is common in Pakistan which effected women and they are being subjected into various violences like honour killing ,forced marriage domestic violence and acid attack acts which are being faced by Pakistani women. But Actually women are the real architect of a nation. In Pakistan 90 percent acid attack causes were undecided because they belong to poor families. It is really tough for country to step forward toward the development and advancement . So if women suffer like so the nation get a lot difficulties and it is impossible to develop the country. When women involve in the nation works so can develop easily. Furthermore, women are being considered less than men so they should give equal rights. According to a report, 65 percent cases of acid and burn accrued in the country within few years. If that process continued then it would be really tough for citizens to live peacefully in their life. It hurts me to mention that when it comes to poor families so that there is no justice for them since they are called poor. It is the responsibility to government authorities to take action against on those people who are involved in such activities so that poor families should be saved from such bad activities.