Being students of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Academy Islamabad and or IBA Community college is fantasy for students who belong to a family having hardly Rupees: 300 income per day. Government of Sindh had bring many changes in its educational system to make ghost teacher regular against it has also been reported that many schools in the province are facing significant infrastructural challenges according to NEMIS data for the year 2016-17.

Sindh government is implementing a program on education under public private partnership under the supervision of Sindh Education Foundation which has become ‘Candle of Hope’ for poor students and their parents, last week I met with a person with torn clothes and shoes and he expressed that his daughter has been awarded with fully funded scholarship expect this he proudly shared that his daughter and the children of senior surgeons, judges, and police officers are the classmate of his daughter which directly breaks class system from our society, he was also thankful to Sindh Education Foundation for providing this golden opportunity and his family has started dreaming to see doctor in the family.

Through this initiative SEF has become ‘Candle of Hope’ for marginalized communities, and parents expecting some extra support at higher secondary level for their children, hope government of Sindh will not make them hopeless.