KARACHI    -   The claim of Sindh chief minister that the federal government has given the Sindh province Rs550billion is wrong as the Center has so far given Rs613billion to Sindh, said Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) MPAs here Thursday.

According to details, PTI MPAs Arsalan Taj Ghuman and Bilal Ghaffar held a press conference outside the Sindh Assembly and talked about the finance performance of the Sindh government in financial year 2018 and 2019. MPA Dr Imran Ali Shah and Sanji Gangwani were also present.

Bilal Ghaffar told the media that the chief minister of Sindh has claimed that the province has got Rs550b from the federal government, which is 80 percent less. He said that there are three types of federal transfers to the provinces. He said under the NFC award Sindh province has been given Rs550b, while in the head of royalty and state transfer the target of Sindh was Rs43b and it has got Rs48b.

Moreover, Sindh province is given Rs 16 billion in the head of OZT and if these three transfers are added the Sindh province has already got Rs613billion. He said chief minister on the floor of Sindh Assembly has said that federal government has given Sindh only Rs550billion which is totally incorrect.

He said the provincial government of Sindh is simply misleading people and blaming the federation government for everything. He said the chief minster should know that when schemes come money also comes and when more schemes come, more money also come. He said the rulers of Sindh under the pressure of NAB are now telling wrong facts and figures. He demanded that the Sindh chief minister should tender apology on the floor of assembly.

He said in 21 departments there is a shortfall of Rs90b. He said the Sindh chief minister always praises their Sindh Revenue Board (SRB); however, the SRB has collected Rs36billion less revenue. He said the Sindh government has even failed to collect sales tax, properly.  He said due to corruption in Sindh government, international institutions are not ready to have confidence in them.

He said in foreign projects there is shortfall of Rs44billion. He said as compared to last years, this year Sindh has collected less taxes.

He said the ministers of Sindh government say they have no funds. He said minister of public health simply did not spent 47percent of the available budget of his department, but still he says they have no funds. He said delaying schemes to increase their cost is the modus operandi of Sindh government’s white collar crimes.

PTI MPA Taj Ghuman said on the occasion that previous day the Sindh chief minister tried to mislead people by presenting wrong figures. He said the performance of Sindh government is nose-diving and they have collected fewer taxes. He said Sindh government blames federal government for not releasing funds which is a lame excuse. He said there are available funds in accounts of different provincial government departments but they are not ready to spend these funds on public welfare. He said they only work through bogus bills, where contractors offer kickback to them.

They said the rulers of Sindh are more interested in development of Bilawal House than development of Sindh. He said there is no dearth of funds with Sindh government but they are not ready to spend this money on public. He asked the government of Sindh to stop misleading people. He said we will bring more facts before people to tell them how the rulers of Sindh are misguiding them.