KARACHI    -   Taking historic and reformative decision, Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has announced new reforms in police include establishment of model police stations, upgradation of pay scale of policemen at par with Punjab, creation of Ghazis in police and top of its decided to allocate special quota in government service for transgender.

He took this decision while presiding over a high meeting on police matters at CM House on Thursday.

The meeting was attended by Chief Secretary Mumtaz Shah, IG Police Dr Kaleem Imam, Home Secretary Kazi Kabir, PSCM Sajid Jamal Abro, Additional IG Training Aftab Pathan, Additional IG Karachi Ghulam Nabi Memon, Secretary Finance Hassan Naqvi and senior officers of CPO.

The chief minister said that he had uplifted the morale and confidence of policemen by strengthening them with latest weapons, gadgets and incentives so that they perform honestly with dedication.

IG Police Dr Kaleem Imam briefed the chief minister about different proposal for introducing reforms from to bottom in police department.

Additional IG Ghulam Nabi Memon told the chief minister that there 108 police stations in the city and most of them were redundant in the sense that they have been established on naullahs and have no need to continue them.

Model PS

The chief minister said that the two police stations located within the same periphery of the city should be merged and declare them as model police station.

Murad approved establishment of Model Police Station in the city the first phase by amalgamating Boating Basin into Clifton police. The police station would have a senior SHO with DDO powers.

He would be given a revolving fund of Rs50,000 to meet day to day expenditures. The police station would have an accountant to keep an appropriate record of expenditures and when the account would deplete it would be refilled to bring it at Rs50,000 again.

The chief minister directed the Additional IG Police to post ample police force of well reputation, well-behaved, well-trained policemen on the police station. “Every morning they will have to do drill to remain alert and smart,” he said added the Model police station would be set up in a police station owned by Police department.

Ghulam Nabi Memon, Adl IG Karachi, said that he needed new vehicles for Model Police Stations which the chief minister allowed. He added that if the Model Police Station experience appeared to be successful model he would make other police stations as Model PS.

Ghazi Cadre

The IG police told the chief minister that there were 2,000 policemen who have either been maimed or blinded in the line of their duty. The chief minister directed IG Police to prepare a working paper for cabinet and create a separate cadre of Ghazis on the pattern of Shaheed Cadre. “The government will give them amble amount to lead their respectable life with their families and will also give them a job in police department from where they could meet the expenditures of their bread and butter,” he said and added that policemen lose their physical capabilities in the line of their duty were become the responsibility of the government and the department to look after them and their families.

Upgradation of Pay & Scale

The IG Police told the chief minister that the constables, head constables and ASsI were in grade BS-5, BS-7 and BS-9 respectively in Sindh while police of the same designations/ cadres were in grades, BS-7, Bs-9 and BS-11 in Punjab. The chief minister said that he approving the upgradation of policemen in Sindh and bring them at par with the policemen of the Punjab.

The chief minister directed the IG police to prepare a summary and send him for formal approval. “Why should our policemen of lower cadre suffer,” he said and extended his congratulations to policemen who would take benefit from upgradation and their families. He hoped that they would be working with dedication and devotion.

Selection Centre

IG Police DR Kaleem Imam told the chief minister that around 8 to 10,000 police men retire from their service every year. He added that there were 30,000 vacant positions all over Sindh. At this the chief minister directed him to establish a permanent selection centre where recruitment should continue round the year. Recruitment must be of the locals wherever positions were emerged.

Transgender quota

The chief minister said that transgender are most neglected and ignored member of our society. The government must allocate a reasonable quota for recruitment of transgender in all government departments including police.

He directed chief secretary Syed Mumtaz Shah to prepare a working paper for the cabinet so that allocation of sustain amount of jobs could be allocated for transgender. “I want to bring the transgender to mainstream & committed to educate them, train them & make them useful members of society,” he said and urged the NGOs & other organizations working for welfare of transgender to educate them & bring them in the government service. Mr Shah also directed chief secretary to make necessary amendments in the rules so that transgender could be allowed to compete even in open competition for government service.

Jamshoro Range


The chief minister was told that there was dire need of creation of another police Range. The Jamshoro police Range would have Jamshoro, Dadu, Thatta and Sujwal Districts. The chief minister approved the proposal and directed the IG Police to float a summary for the cabinet.



Murad pointed out that a large number if police guards/gunmen have been given to unauthorized persons. He pointed out that the policemen who have been transferred from Sindh have away their gunmen from Sindh.  

He added that similarly, undeserving notables have been given police guards. He directed Home Secretary to notify a threat assessment committee for giving police guards to genuine people.  Mr Shah said that he has worked out around Rs600,000 were spent on salaries and other perks of the gunmen protecting others.

Murad directed IG Police to allow guard to authorised persons if they pay their salaries, otherwise guards would be allowed only the deserving people.

The police assured the chief minister that they would start withdrawing police guards from unauthorised people.



The chief minister through discussion in the meeting decided to empower the IGP for promotions and transfer/ postings on his own. Under the new police law introduced in the province, the IG police said that he happened to be secretary of police department. At this the chief minister directed IG Police to prepare a working paper and bring in the next cabinet meeting. “We are ready to strengthen the IG police by entrusting the powers the new given him,” the chief minister said.