As per a report by The Himalayan Times, the mayor of Kathmandu is one among thousands of South Asians that have fallen victim to dengue this year. 

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Bidhya Sundar Shakya becomes the most high-profile victim of dengue, after a dramatic spike in the prevalence and intensity of the disease in 2019.

In Nepal, almost 11000 cases of dengue have been reported across the country. The epidemic is unprecedented in its scale and spread, and some scientists blame climate change for the mosquito-borne illness' 2019 epidemiology.

In India, the last nationwide report of the dengue illness was on June 21, when more than 6000 people had been diagnosed with the disease. That number is only likely to have increased since then, with the more humid monsoon season ripe for mosquito proliferation.

In Pakistan, the number of those diagnosed with dengue is over 20000. Each day, that number rises.