Tourism plays a critical role in protecting the great image of a country, generating employment opportunities, improving economic growth and earning foreign exchange for collective welfare of the society. Tourism can be defined as traveling to a place which is different from hometown and country. Tourism can boost the economy growth of country and make the country to be most peaceful and prosperous in all over the world. As it is important to noted that Pakistan is full of tourism places where a tourist can enjoy and live long time with family members, friends and class fellows. So it is must for a country to facilitate the tourists in every needs such as water, hotels for living, good roads and so on. Among them Kolwa is one of the famous and an oldest tourist places of Balochistan which has been long neglected by government. Kolwa is an area of district and Kech but unfortunately it lacks the basic facilities of tourism like road, clean water and many more. Most of the tourists want to visit there and enjoy the natural beauty of weather. Also it would be a great opportunity for the country because in this root the CPEC road is going that might bring foreigners to visit such places. At last, it is my humble request to the concerned authorities that they should look into the matter and provide basic facilities to tourism places.