KARACHI   -    Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad Thursday inaugurated a new freight train at Cantt Station Karachi.

Addressing the gathering at Cantt Station Karachi after inaugurating the train in collaboration with NLC, Sheikh said that during the first year of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf-led government, the freight traffic has doubled. “Passenger traffic has also increased by eight million during last year of this government,” he added.

The railway minister vowed for increasing the speed of passenger trains to 200 kms/hour.”The project of ML 2 will also be started along with the ML1 as the Prime Minister on his way to visit China. ML1 would be first issue discussed by Imran and Chinese delegation”.

The minister said that new signal system on the railway lines would also be launched.

Separately, he also chaired a high-level meeting at his camp office in Karachi.CEO Railways and other high officers of Railways were present in the meeting. Sheikh reviewed the performance of Karachi railways.

He said that we still have the track which was installed in 1861 during the British era, saying that 1600 kilometer track would also be installed by them. Sheikh added that railway bridges were in deplorable condition, saying that new bridges and underpasses would also be constructed as well as bring new signal system to save valuable lives of the people. “Earlier, we vowed to make Pakistan Railways a profitable institution but now we vow to do so within three years with the help and dedication of the employees,” he added.