Donald Trump is not the first world leader to test positive for the coronavirus—United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro have all caught and recovered from the virus. Yet the story of Trump and the First Lady getting the virus is a monumental one and dominated headlines for the last two days, for a number of reasons.

Anything impacting the United States impacts the world. The United States’ President getting the virus is likely to affect the world stock market and the global economy. It also exerts further intrigue into the United States’ presidential elections to be held next month. If the current US President, who is also the Republican candidate for president, is found to be incapacitated, it will cause shockwaves around the world, since every country’s leadership has an interest in who the US President will be.

Secondly, while we hope that President Trump, his family and the White House overcome this crisis fast, there is a lesson to be learnt in this. President Trump had on many occasions undermined the veracity of the pandemic and disparaged protocols. Even after knowing the air-borne quality of the virus, and after hundreds of thousands of people died in the US because of the pandemic, Trump continued to underplay it and mock the wearing of masks for political point-scoring over the rival Democratic Party.

His own personal brush with the virus might remind President Trump, as well as other leaders, that there are dangerous consequences to not taking protocols seriously. The pandemic should not be made into a political issue—this is a lesson Pakistan learnt early on, but our own cases are rising again, and thankfully the government seems to be working to overcome this. This recent update in world affairs should be a further reminder of why these efforts should be kept up.