The most awaited decision regarding the reopening of educational sectors is over now. Finally, the decision was announced in the last federal-provincial meeting of education ministers, held on September 07, 2020. The meeting concludes that all the educational activities will be resumed in three phases starting from 15th September. 

In the first phase, colleges and universities will be reopened along with the classes of 9th and 10th. The education department will monitor the situation for a week and then classes from six to eight will be resumed from 23rd September in the second phase. In the last phase, primary classes will be resumed respectively. As the decision has been finalized, now the question arises in the minds of common people: how will federal and provincial ministries put into practice the standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the right way? The huge responsibility lies on the shoulders of concerned authorities to make the students aware of the proper use of masks and hand sanitizer process.

Nevertheless, it is a great decision to resume all the educational institutions again. Pakistan is now among a few countries who rescheduled the educational activities again after severely hit by the pandemic COVID-19. It is a great success of the government that we are now in a position to resume educational activities.