The planned Asia tour of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been limited to Japan only, the US State Department informed in a statement.

"Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo will travel to Tokyo, Japan on October 4 to 6. Planned meetings with the Quad Foreign Ministers in Tokyo will focus on pressing issues of the Indo-Pacific region. Secretary Pompeo expects to be traveling to Asia again in October and will work to reschedule visits on that trip, that is now just a few weeks off," the Saturday statement says.

Initially, Pompeo planned to visit Japan, Mongolia and South Korea between October 4 and October 8.

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry said in a Sunday statement that it regretted the postponement of Pompeo’s visit to the country and hoped for a new date for the trip to be set soon.

On Friday, Pompeo told reporters he was planning to proceed with the planned trip to Asia despite the news that US President Donald Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus. Pompeo said he and his wife Susan had tested negative for COVID-19.