ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Party has rejected PEMRA ban on media to report the motorway rape case and declared this instruction by PEMRA an effort to hush up the facts of the case.

“The instruction by PEMRA displays the non-seriousness and failure of this selected government,” said PPP-P’s senior MNA Nafisa Shah, in a statement.

She said the victim of this horrendous crime was waiting for justice but the “incapable government” was unable to arrest the main perpetrator of the crime. 

Nafisa Shah said why the concerned minister was quite on the issue? The road on which the tragedy occurred was under the ministry of Murad Saeed, Minister of communication. She alleged that the government was using PEMRA to hide its face. “PEMRA is being used to curb the truth. The PPP is standing firm with the victim and demands immediate arrest of the rapist. PPP will raise the issue at every available forum. PEMRA instruction is a violation of basic human rights,” Dr. Shah concluded.