Implicitly, social media has an effective role in our lives. It chalks out various knowledgeable material to the people but at the same time, it seems to be working as an invisible battlefield for the propaganda masters. It is used as a weapon to undermine a country. It leaves a deep impact on the human mind. The propaganda masters present on the social media ignite the feelings of other people to spread animosity and to act violently which results in subsequent domestic and international conflicts. 

As a reality, the world is moving towards new warfare techniques. The tradition of conventional warfare is over now. The world is fighting the 5th generation war. This is a kind of war which is fought with ideas and propagandas. To imbue those warmongering thoughts in the people, social media appears to be the best platform to be used. We have to fathom the proper use of social media and indicate every threat which can ramp up aggression in our people against our state.