MINGORA - Amidst civilian casualties, the security forces Wednesday initiated a full-fledged operation against Taliban militants in village Koza Bandai and Dheri near Mingora city. The operation was started when hundreds of families had vacated their homes in compliance with the directives of the high-ups of security forces. The administration also clamped curfew all over Swat for an indefinite period. As per details, the security forces directed dwellers from both Koza Bandai and Dherai villages to leave their homes within three hours. In accordance with such directives, the civilians left their homes and slipped into adjacent Mingora city and its surroundings. Later the security forces started operation in the area with the help of gunship helicopters and artillery. The high-ups claimed that they targeted only the suspected hideouts of the alleged militants but the local people informed that the bombardment and shelling caused widespread civilian casualties and destruction. The local people informed that more than 30 Taliban were killed while 35 others were injured. Besides the militants four civilians including three girls and one woman were also killed when several mortars landed on civilian population in both Koza Bandai and Dheri villages. A large number of others were injured. The injured were admitted in Saudi Sharif group of hospitals, where the condition of many of them was stated to be precarious. So far five Taliban were injured during the first day of the military operation in Koza Bandai and Dheri. Muslim Khan spokesman of Taliban  also confirmed injuries to his three colleagues and claimed that Taliban were resisting the military action. Meanwhile, in Ramazan-ul-Mobarak migration from different parts of Matta and Kabal towards Mingora and Saidu Sharif was in progress. Thousands of people with limited belongings were witnessed entering the twin cities. Most of them were adjusting themselves with their close relatives and friends. It may be mentioned here that majority of influential people and members of middle class families have already shifted from both Dherai, Koza Bandai and its surrounding villages to peaceful areas. Even scores of people from volatile Swat and Bajaur regions have shifted to Peshawar. Houses of most of the leading socio-political figures have been destroyed by Taliban militants with explosives. On the other hand, Taliban militants have also directed the peasants of former federal minister and Awami National Party leader Mohammad Afzal Khan to vacate their homes otherwise they would be targeted with explosives. Mohammad Afzal Khan has confirmed such threats to his peasants and supporters in the area.