Another dictator is born to replace Musharraf and carry out the American plan in the region in a more effective and efficient way. Mr. Zardari is being installed as the President of Pakistan to follow in Musharraf's footsteps. Like the military dictator, he will also be holding two positions at the same time. Musharraf was COAS and President of Pakistan. Mr Zardari will be President, and by dent of being party leader, controller of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. I just want to know what is the difference between Mr. Musharraf and Mr Zardari? I doubt very much that Mr. Zardari will be a benign President who would relinquish the 58-2b and 17th amendment. I believe the American plan will be underway with his installation in the Presidency. Mr Zardari is reputation is well known to everyone; he is a salable commodity, the kind that delivers best for the Americans. One has got to admire his comeback, though. Incarcerated for 8 years for corruption, with cases both at home and abroad, he is now poised to be President of the country. How unfortunate can Pakistan be. -ASMA AHSAN, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 23.