LAHORE -Drinking water of the Lahore Children's Hospital, the only institute providing treatment to minors in Punjab, has been found adulterated with coliform bacteria, The Nation has learnt. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) declared the hospital's water contaminated after its report tested the sample of the drinking water positive with coliform bacteria. The Environment Protection Agency's laboratory staff collected drinking water sample from the Children's Hospital tap, which was later analysed chemically and bacteriologically in the EPA laboratory. According to the analysis report the water has been found adulterated with coliform bacteria. The EPA in its report clearly states, "Water is not fit for human consumption". In order to make the drinking water fit for human consumption, the EPA has directed the hospital management to adopt some measures recommended by the agency. The management was recommended to carry out regular cleanliness of water storage tanks from time to time, replace old rusted water pipes, install water filter, replace filter cartridges and stop using water of hand pumps. It is pertinent to mention here that the Children's Hospital was catering to the need of hundreds of children visiting the institute daily from all over the province. Even some children are also being referred from other provinces in the said hospital. Especially, the hospital was providing treatment to the minor patients being brought with complaints of gastro and diarrhea. The hospital's management, doctors, paramedical staff, and other employees besides the children and their relatives are using the drinking water of the hospital. Talking to The Nation, the Director Emergency Department Children's Hospital, Dr A.J Samdhani said that the presence of coliform bacteria in the hospital's drinking water was not a matter of great concern. He said that such type of bacteria was less harmful to the users than to the other bacteria. Dr Samdhani also said that the building department has several times declared the hospital drinking water fit for consumption. When contacted, Prof Dr Ghayas-ud-Din Tayyab of Lahore General Hospital said that the coliforn bacteria usually caused gastro disease and creates stomach problems. He said that the drinking water containing coliform bacteria was not usable. Additional Medical Superintendent (AMS) of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Dr Rauf Ahmad said that in case coliform bacteria is reported then water may not be considered safe to drink. He said that the presence of any coliform bacteria in drinking water could cause possible health concern.