KARACHI - The Federal government directed the provincial authorities to achieve the target to modify 200 big fishing boats by end of this year, The Nation has learnt on Wednesday. According to the well-placed sources, after suffering the financial loses due to the imposing ban on import seafood from Pakistan by European Union (EU), the government initiated to standardize and modify the Pakistani boats to convince the EU officials to resume the business. After getting the report by the provincial government, the federal minister concerned had held several meetings with the provincial authorities and finally asked them that at least 200 big fishing boats should be modified till the end of this year, while the Sindh concern ministry assured the government that the process of the modification of around 100 big fishing boats would be completed by the end of this month. The government decided that after the completion of the target of the modification of the boats, they would contact to the EU officials in Islamabad in the next year to invite the EU authority concerned to examine the Pakistani boats to examine of boats is to persuade the EU to lift the ban imposed on April 2007 to export fish to the European countries, after examine the boasts, the provincial government will contact to the EU authorities concerned to visit and examine the boast for improving them to export fish to their countries. The federal government has also assured the provincial government and the high ups of Karachi Fish Harbor (KFH) to provide all the assistance to complete the process by the end of the dateline.   It worthily be mentioned here that after imposing ban on Pakistan by EU due to poor system of storage of catch fishing, the Pakistani fish traders turned into the other Asian and Medal East Countries. The Pakistani authority had launched campaign to make awareness on the local fishermen and boat owners to modify their boats, while in this regard the government faced criticisms by the fishermen representatives' bodies and the opposition. The critics claimed that the local fishermen could not bear the expenses to modify their boats; the previous government asked the boasts owners to pay 50% percent of the expenditures, while after the protests by the fishermen and oppositions, the government announced to give more relief to the fishermen and decided to pay 75% percent expenses to modifications of boasts and the boat owners were asked to pay only 25% percent and provide isolated plastic containers to the boat owners but a number of boast owners and representative bodies were still not agree with the government, while many of boat owners have agreed with government. The ministry source said that so far as many as 35 big fishing boats and 125 small boats have been modified so far, they would be given clearance fishing for the European countries, before the EU officials will visit here to examine them for their satisfaction.