KARACHI - Collecting ransom in a safe manner is the kidnappers' first priority and for this purpose they have devised new tactics as kidnapping for ransom cases have been increased in last couple of months, The Nation has learnt here on Wednesday. According to data compiled by the Sindh police revealed that kidnapping cases have been increased enormously throughout the province. Sindh police crime review from January 1, 2008 to August 31, 2008 pointed out that the number of abductions has increased to an additional number of 64 as compared to last year. The data explained that some 85 people have been kidnapped during the same period last year while in 2008, 149 people have been kidnapped for ransom which shows a proportional increase in the kidnapping cases. According to the source, Taliban and other militants groups have roots in tribal areas of Pakistan who kidnap people from Karachi and later their associates receive ransom in Wana and other parts of NWFP. The first case in which an extremist hand was seen occurred couple of months ago when an oil supplier to the Nato forces, Shaukat Afridi, were kidnapped and reportedly taken to Waziristan. The kidnappers had asked Rs 40 million for his release. Source pointed out that the law enforcement agencies have believed that Afridi had been not taken to anywhere else rather the kidnappers had demanded ransom from Waziristan and detained him in Karachi. This was being revealed by the Crime Investigation Department Sindh after arresting some three activists of Tehreek-e-Taliban from Mauripur area. Meanwhile, it is pertinent to mention here that rural areas are more afflicted with kidnapping cases as compared to urban areas. Reports mentioned that 69 additional number of abductions had only happened in rural areas of Sindh. Source privy to the matter told that the kidnappings had been dramatically increased in interior Sindh and kidnappers usually target the people of Hindu community. As result the people of Hindu community have been migrated to their hometowns to avoid the risk of kidnapping. He said that Federal Interior Ministry had also taken notice of Hindus migration in large scale and also asked the provincial ministry about the worst law and order situation in rural parts of Sindh. The report also cited that around 350 families migrated in last couple of months due to the rising number of kidnapping incidents. Interior Ministry has directed the authorities concerned to explain the reason behind the worst law and order situation and also directed to take all necessary actions against the culprits and provide protection to the families of minorities. On the other side, extremists' groups existing in Karachi have also introduced a new and safe trend of receiving ransom amount. He explained that now it is difficult for the police to bust the rackets involved in such type of criminal activities because of NWFP. "Tribal areas of the NWFP are in war-like situation and even Army troops are facing difficulties in these areas then how can police could reach there to arrest any culprit." Police can only trace the location of the caller (culprit) who use mobile phones but in some cases culprits have used satellite phones in order to get the ransom amount from the tribal areas. Previously, gangs were usually operated the rackets of kidnapping from interior Sindh or from Balochistan. But now they made calls form Wana or Waziristan, therefore police are facing problems in tracking down such culprits. It is pertinent to mention here that various wealthy people have been kidnapped in last couple of months included an industrialist Sanaullah, Abdul Qadir, PA to Jahangir Siddiqi, Mehboob Kaliyar, famous jeweler Saad and a shop owner Shafqat.