FAISALABAD - President Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) Syed Umer Nazar Shah, criticizing the decision taken by the government regarding 31 per cent increase in the power rates, has termed it as dangerous for the industries and said that this increase would result in the closure of more small and heavy industries. He expressed these views while addressing an emergent meeting of YEO.  Senior Vice President Mohsin Abbas Cheema Shaiq Javed, Mansoor Riaz and other office bearers and members of YEO were also present on the occasion. He said that hundreds of industrial units had already been closed be to the continuous loadshedding and enhanced rates of gas and petroleum. He said that the recent increase in the power rates has further tightened the life circle of the industry and which had now become the death warrant for it. He said that if the rates of power were not reviewed immediately, the country would further be the prey of big crisis. He said that the anti-industry and anti-people steps being taken on the wish of IMF and World Bank were not only injuring the good will of the government but the wheel of the industry had also stopped moving. He said that the textile sector was already under a great pressure owing to the increased rate of power and with the more increase in it achieving of export orders would become a dream because of high cost of production.   He said that the foreign importers would not be willing to purchase the articles of the same quality an a higher price.  He urged the Govt. to people its policies itself instead of getting the dictation from IMF and World Bank.