LAHORE-The PPP is the only party running an aggressive election campaign in the City for its presidential candidate Asif Ali Zardari, which is evident from its display of colourful posters, large size hoardings and banners at The Mall and other streets in support of party nominee. One hardly comes across any banner displayed in the City in support of other presidential candidates-Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui and Mushahid Hussain Syed. One of the main arteries in the City, The Mall, especially the Chairing Cross in front of Punjab Assembly building has become the centre of all activities, where huge pictures of Bhutto family and Asif Ali Zardari along with colourful posters can been seen in large number. This is also the culmination point of "Welcome Zardari rallies being taken out in the City on daily basis by PPP's Punjab and City organisations. To add colour to the election campaign, party workers are seen dancing to the tune of drum during these gatherings. The PML-N and PML-Q, whose candidates are also in the run in presidential election, have not come up with any such activity on streets so far.  It seems as if Asif Zardari is the sole presidential candidate. Besides other party leaders, Punjab Governor Salman Taseer and Advisor to the prime minister on Industry, Mian Manzoor Wattoo are also very much active these days to muster support of Mr Zardari.