ISLAMABAD - Bureaucrats having direct or indirect linkages with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari have embarked upon lobbying hard to grab the post of Secretary to the President, a top administrative slot in the Presidency. While it is now written on the wall that Zardari is going to win the September 6 presidential election with a heavy margin, he has started searching for a reliable bureaucrat for the said post. 'Eligible bureaucrats' are already exerting their influences to get posted as Secretary to the President, well-placed sources told TheNation. Sources were of the view that the PPP would also make massive changes in the federal as well as top provincial bureaucracy immediately after the Presidential elections. Although the party has already placed its key man Dr Waqar Masood as Secretary Finance, yet further reshuffle in the bureaucracy was still on the cards in the week following the election of Zardari as President. The sources were of the view that Zardari would prefer his old confidant bureaucrats rather than trying someone anew. The sources placed Siraj Shamsuddin currently working as Principle Secretary to the Prime Minister on top of the list of probable officials to become the Secretary to the President. They also mentioned the name of Sikander Ahmed Rai who used to be Principle Staff Officer (PSO) to Zardari during his days of Minister for Environment in the second tenure of the PPP. However they rushed to add that Rai was not as senior in service to be the Secretary to the President. The sources also hinted that the appointment of the new Secretary to the President is most likely to be done by the Establishment Division under the instructions from the Prime Minister, even prior to the election of Zardari as President.