ISLAMABAD - Prices of basic food items witnessed a sharp increased in the federal capital markets just within two days of Ramazan, adding the woes of masses as they are already ahead with numerous financial problems. The vendors were seen violating the price lists by selling food goods at their own rates. Essential items particularly needed during the holy month of Ramazan were available at government-fixed prices only at the sasta bazaars (fair price markets) The prices of vegetables and fruits were not only high in open markets but also its prices were enhanced in fruit market (mandi). The prices of basic commodities of daily use showed sharp increase in the beginning of Ramazan as compare to the last few days, which further reduced the purchasing power of the people.   Though the prices of fruits, vegetables and meat were considerably lower in sasta bazaar as compared to the open market but  it was observed that there are some problems that needed  to be addressed on priority basis.. As the government has announced the Ramazan package at utility stores but mostly the basic commodities are unavailable like flour and ghee etc at many outlets of these stores, customers claimed after finishing shopping at utility stores. While talking to TheNation,  Fatima Batool, a housewife at Aabpara general store, told  that the rates of basic food items have been sharply increased within two days of the holy month of Ramazan and we are finding it very difficult to purchase fruits as their prices are beyond their reach The utility stores are flooded with people and no one could imagine waiting in long queues in the condition of fast (Roza) as the rates of basic commodities at utility stores and open market is not much different , she observed. Muhammad Bilal a customer at Melody Market maintained that the prices of every food items is beyond their purchasing power, especially the poor who could not afford to buy vegetables, fruits and other food items. He said that shopkeepers are not selling according to their price lists and overcharging customers at their own-fixed rates. The food items are available at low prices in Sasta Bazaar but these items are of substandard quality, he added. Muhammad Iqbal said that all most every fruit is available at a price of more than Rs 100 in the market. The government should decrease the prices of fruits in the Holy month of Ramazan.        On the other hand the shopkeepers of Aabapra market were seen busy in storing flour by purchasing at a price of Rs 300 from utility store and selling it at a price of Rs 450 in open market.  A shopkeeper on the condition of anonymity told TheNation that we have hire young children by giving some money and food items for bringing flour from the utility stores at cheap rate. He said that we are paying high rents of the shops and high prices of electricity bills and this is our right to make profits by selling flour and other food items at high prices.