ISLAMABAD - The practice of selling birds in the name of "Sadqa" (Charity) is on the rise in the twin cities. The shrewd bird sellers provoke the sentiments of customers to set the birds free after paying money. TheNation has learnt that such callous bird-sellers could easily be found in most of the areas of Rawalpindi and some areas of Islamabad. The birds to be sold are brought from far-flung areas of Pakistan especially Sargodha, Kalar Kahar, Soonskaser  and other rural areas across Pakistan. The twin cities areas where such vendors can be seen include Aabpara, G-9 Markaz, Peshawar Morr, Commercial Market, Muree Road, Sadar, Raja Bazar, Moti Bazar, and the adjoining areas of Liaquat Bagh. The locals of the areas where birds' traders are carrying out the practice, reported that the sellers encage the birds and then persue the people to liberate them in the name of charity. "These cunning moneymakers convince the visitors that liberating a bird serves a 'noble cause'. The customers are thus moved to pay money to set a bird free", said Ali Afzal Janjua from Raja bazaar. "It's only after the payment of money to the bird-sellers that they tend to set a bird free", he added. Tanveer Ilyas, a shopkeeper in Commercial Market, told this scribe that bird sellers have fixed different prices depending upon the condition of the bird and the pocket of the customer. Ordinarily, the prices range between Rs 100 to Rs 500 for setting a bird free. "They charge as much as a customer could pay", he remarked. "These vendors first examine the financial status of customers before asking for payment" stated Atif from Aabpara and argued, "The customers having cars and vehicles are asked to pay maximum money. Whereas the motor bikers and others are made to pay comparatively less amount of money." The birds that are used for this purpose are not properly taken care of. Mostly, it can be witnessed that these birds are not provided with fowls feed and water. Majority of the birds that are sold by their masterss for such "charity purposes" are weak and ill. TheNation was also informed that the bird dealers let these birds starve and grow weak as long as it serves their purpose. The people who tend to set the birds free are moved by the miserable condition of birds and thus liberate them on humanitarian grounds. These vendors can resort to extremely cheaper and inhuman tactics for money, added Tahir Ayub arguing that birds' lovers feel deeply hurt after seeing such miserable and meek birds that are to be sold in the name of charity. The residents of the areas where this business is on the run have demanded of the concerned authorities stern action against such culprits and urged the police high ups to take immediate measures to put an end to such heinous business.  Though the sale and purchase of birds are of separate phenomena but selling the birds in the name of religion by means of keeping them in starving conditions in order to attract the compassion of people must be eradicated with full force, suggested Basit Raza.  "The authorities concerned should not let this to happen particularly in the holy month of Ramzan and the rest of the months that follow", he added.