The All Parties International Kashmir Coordinating Committee (APIKCC) is an alliance of various Kashmiri organisations in Great Britain working at international level since 1986. The Kashmiri diaspora living in Britain needs to record its strong concern about the threat to life of a senior leader of Kashmir Mr. Shabir Ahmed Shah, the arrested chairman Democratic Freedom Party. This ailing leader is presently admitted in hospital after a surgical operation. It needs to be said that the process of justice is being impeded in his case by the dill-dallying tactics of the Indian government. The Kashmir High Court had recently quashed the Public Safety Act and ordered the release of Mr Shabir Shah. The Indian government, though, has once again disobeyed the court orders and put into action the infamous revolving door policy to keep him in custody despite the fact that he was declared a prisoner of conscience by the Amnesty International. -MOHAMMAD GHALIB, via e-mail, August 27.