THE incident involving a PML(N) parliamentarian Anjum Aqeel who roughed up the staff of the Federal Government College in Islamabad should be strongly condemned. Reportedly, he lost his temper and attacked the office with his men when the principal of the college refused to grant admission to a student on the ground that he had a third division in Matriculation. He believes that being a member of Parliament it is his duty to take care of those students who are finding it hard to get admissions because of the shortage of colleges, which is certainly very thoughtful of him, but taking law into his own hand, beating up the college staff is shameful indeed. It is a far cry from the type of behaviour our legislators and leaders should be showing. Here the onus lies on the PML(N) for urging discipline and urging its members to abide by law. Something must be rotten in the state of Denmark because a number of its men have been engaged in different controversies. Mr Anjum Aqeel must be given the punishment he deserves.