I am an educationist doing the sort of extraordinary work that can benefit the whole country and bring about a revolution in the field of education. I have designed an educational software that has been praised by even the foreign education experts. It provides assistance to user in preparation of teaching, designing of new books, collation of research and further production of educational software. For the last eleven months, I have been trying to contact Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif to show him my work. The government officials I have met so far have all appreciated my work but have often sent me to some other official or department. As the government of Punjab is establishing computer labs in high schools, my designed educational software can be used to meet the requirements of our students. I know the CM Punjab is committed to bringing about changes in education but that cannot be done unless people doing groundbreaking work are given a chance. -ZAFAR HABIB, Samundri, September 3.