The world's countries may be divided into two categories. There are countries where the people are generally dishonest. And the there are countries where the people are generally honest. Of course, in a generally dishonest country, there are a few extremely honest individuals. But they don't count. They are mere irrelevancies. Likewise, in a generally honest country, there are a few extremely dishonest individuals. But they just don't count. They are mere irrelevancies. Why in a particular country the people are generally dishonest? They are not dishonest because they love dishonesty. They are dishonest because dishonesty pays there handsomely. If, somehow, dishonesty were to cease to pay, the people would cease to be dishonest. Likewise, in a generally honest country the people are not honest because they love honesty. They are honest because honesty pays there handsomely. If, somehow, honesty were to cease to pay, the people would cease to be honest. There are only a few countries where the people are generally honest. Most of the countries are infested with generally dishonest citizens. What an international tragedy If someone were to ask you to which category Pakistan belongs, you should instantaneously spit in his face. No living thing wants to die. It would commit any sort of dishonesty for remaining alive as long as possible. Even a worm would love to be dishonest if dishonesty could guarantee it safety from death. If a citizen can't survive without dishonesty, he would helplessly embrace dishonesty. This conversion to dishonesty is not a deliberate act. It is a creation of his horrific fear of death. Unfortunately, of all the fears, the death fear is the cruellest fear. There was a time when the entire humanity had only one common problem. It was bread. Thus all human beings were essentially human animals. Today, in the West there is no bread problem. The Westerner has divorced his animality. But he has created other problems. These are luxuries. (Man hates to be problem-free). Generally, luxuries are available to the common Westerner. But, if for some reason, a Westerner is unable to acquire luxuries, he wouldn't mind seeking assistance from dishonesty. Unfortunately, in the East most of the human beings are still human animals. Their animality is a gift to them from their rulers. Would the common Easterner ever be able to have the humanity of the common Westerner? In other words, would he ever be able to deanimalise himself? One simply wonders The Western has betrayed his primitive brethren - the animals. The animals must be annoyed. But the common Easterner is still maintaining his brotherhood with the animals. The animals must be grateful. The rulers of most of the Eastern democracies are wealth maniacs. They believe that the way to gold mines is paved with dishonesty. Somehow, they have acquired knowledge of alchemy. With this knowledge, they keep transmuting the poor citizens' blood into gold for themselves. A madman has said: "Honesty is the best policy." Poor creature Had he visit some Eastern democracies, he would have set his aphorism ablaze and declared: "Where only dishonesty guarantees survival there it is a heinous crime to be honest." In most of the Eastern democracies, the most flourishing industry is dishonesty. The political industrialists are not subject to any laws. Actually, they themselves are the laws of the land. They have created certain special industrial technologies with which they safely rob the country's resources. The blind citizens of these countries are extremely lucky that they cannot see the looting spree. When the masses see the country being exploited by the politicians they protest. But instead of solving the problem, the protests infuriate the exploiters. They grow more ruthless. The exploitation grows intenser. Luckily, a remedy is available. Instead of protesting, the masses should emigrate from the country en masse. When there would be no masses, there would be no exploitation. It would teach the exploiters a bitter lesson. If a ruler becomes dishonesty-addict, there is no remedy for it. You simply can't uproot his dishonesty from his heart and plant honesty there. His addiction is his lifelong companion. Actually, he is married to dishonesty. And marriages are made in heaven. Nothing can separate him from his spouse. They live together. They die together. And they are buried together. The writer is an academic