One is saddened that nearly forty innocent lives were lost in Lahore on Youm Ali and hundreds injured in Lahore and Karachi. Whose purpose these terrorists are serving by destabilizing a country already ruined by endemic corruption and total incompetence of the ruling cartel? These incidents encourage none except our enemy India which is hardening its stance on Kashmir or it benefits our enemies in UK, USA and Afghanistan. The domestic beneficiaries include the PPP, ANP and MQM. This gets further credence by their recent political statements instigating rebellion, calling for anarchy or actions similar to martial law by 'patriotic generals. How can they be not held responsible if law and order aggravates so much and firing is being done from buildings in Karachi, right under their administrative noses? After all, they are in government, both in Sindh and Centre? Why cant the PPP get rid of these 'allies? It spares no opportunity to malign the PML-N and Nawaz Sharif but tolerate everything that MQM does because they are their coalition partners. PPP, quite obviously, is only thinking of perpetuating its own corrupt rule. The most pertinent question is that if the SCP is justified in taking a suo moto notice of the Sialkot incident, why cant it take notice of the unconstitutional tirades of the MQM, or extra-constitutional role of the President who is holding sway both as President and (a very despotic) party chairman, making Presidency a headquarters of his party on state expense? This, while the Ministry of Law, and the government itself, are constantly disrespecting orders from the highest echelons of judiciary? The country has to be saved from these unconstitutional rulers and their despotic policiesfrom this one-man parliamentary democracy. -ZAHEER KHAN, Dubai, September 3.