The terrorist incident that took place in Lahore on the day to commemorate Hazrat Alis martyrdom has shocked everyone. Three bombardments in half an hour and loss of innocent lives is what we have had, another addition to the sordid disaster history of Pakistan. A minister of Punjab government had stated that he was satisfied with the security arrangements of procession. So one wonders where did that security vanish when the bombardment took place? We have lost respect of our faith to such an extent that we cannot even give respect to the holy month of Ramadan. The reaction people showed after the gory incident was spontaneous and absolutely justified and one saw no sense in suggestions from government ministers that people should be calm and relaxed. If you want people calm, why dont you provide them proper protection and security? I think our leaders think we are just puppets that have to move the way they want us to. -SHABINA QAMAR, Karachi, September 1.