LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has called upon Muslim League-N leaders, ministers, senators and members of national and provincial assemblies to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr with the flood affectees in the relief camps and also take with them special relief items and gifts for the calamity-stricken people. In a letter to PML-N leaders and elected representatives, the CM has said that he is writing the letter to them at a time when the people of a large area of the country are facing the devastation caused by the worst-ever floods in the history of the country, says a handout issued on Friday. He said that like other provinces, millions of people of Punjab were also fighting for their survival and most of them had lost their homes, cattle and belongings and were forced to live under the open sky. He further stated that since the flood, he had spent most of his time among the calamity-hit people and saw their problems and sufferings closely. He said that among the flood affectees, there were also some well-to-do and affluent persons and families who could not imagine these sufferings and deprivations before they were struck by the natural calamity. The CM said that relief and rehabilitation of the flood-hit people was the collective responsibility of the government and the society. He said that he expected from the public representatives and office-bearers of Muslim League-N to celebrate Eid this year with these devastated people and also offer Eid prayer with them. He said that they should also try to share Eid joys with them and mitigate their sufferings. He said that it was his desire that elected representatives should also take with them relief items as well as gifts for the calamity-hit children.