The blasts are heinous and condemnable but also a warning to the nation that Pakistan is being pushed towards sectarian conflict by creating hatred among citizens which always provokes vengeance. Our several enemies would benefit from this development and would be, in fact, very satisfied to see us mired in sectarian and ethnic conflicts. There have been no sectarian conflicts in Pakistan as of now but the simmering sentiment is being tactfully triggered for the same to add another explosive element to the brew of trouble in this region. The series of blasts that occurred in Lahore yesterday were an indication that mischief is wound up. The attack on the mosques of Ahmedis, the Data Darbar attack and now the blasts targeting Shia community in Pakistan are all connected. These sects can, of course, coexist and have been doing so for decades but the flame of hatred is now ignited by the hidden hands. Although this sort of acts are plotted by foreign 'agencies, the biggest heartache of all is that it is our people that are being used as pawns to materialize their dreadful aims. Reactionary as Pakistanis are at present, they are likely to give the enemy what it craves. We have a collective responsibility to prevent the enemy from achieving its goal of causing disunity among Muslims of Pakistan. -UNEZA HAMID, Lahore, September 2.