UNITED NATIONS - The grandson of Indian leader Mahtama Gandhi Friday joined Pakistan's UN Ambassador Friday in appealing for international help to meet the huge challenge posed by the worst-ever floods in Pakistan, warning that the country could face a humanitarian crisis if the world did not come to its aid in a big way. "What you are seeing now is the tip of iceberg, the worst is yet to come," Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon told a press conference at UN Headquarters in New York with Professor Rajmohan Gandhi on his side. Gandhi came from Chicago where he teaches at the University of Illinois. Prof Gandhi said that the terrible natural disaster afflicting Pakistan called for stepped up financial and material help for the millions of "brave" Pakistani people coping with the calamity. He said the tragedy also created an opportunity to bring down the "walls of hared" between India and Pakistan and to create a climate conducive to developing friendly, cooperative relations. Ambassador Haroon said the scale of the problems created by floods are staggering and Pakistan could not deal with them alone considering the fact that one-fifth of the country is under water, uprooting 20 million people. Prof Gandhi welcomed the aid extended by the Indian government, saying many Indians people had made personal donations. He hoped that the government and the people of India would come forward with more help. "Let us recognise that in this catastrophe, as in all wars and conflicts, the poorest are once more the prime sufferers, losing not a portion of what they had but all they had," he said. "Their sorrows are unrecorded , their heroism unsung, their pains unremembered." Prof Gandhi added, "I feel and pray also for the hundreds of thousands of courageous Pakistani children, women, men, and the elderly who lost in minutes what was built over a lifetime or inherited from the toil of earlier lifetimes, and who are ready nonetheless to face the future. The are life-loving, nor death-loving, millions." Earlier, Ambassador Haroon introduced Prof Gandhi, saying that Matama Gandhi was a friend of his grandfather Abdullah Haroon. He described the founder of modern India as an ardent supporter of Hindu-Muslim unity. The ambassador also hoped for better ties between India and Pakistan.