LAHORE - Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Syed Munawar Hasan has reiterated his demand for setting up a national relief commission to oversee the relief and rehabilitation of 15 million people affected by the floods. All local and foreign aid should be deposited with the national relief commission for distribution among the flood affectees with the cooperation of the govt and the armed forces, he said during his address at the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque. The JI chief said that the floods had washed away numerous things in all the provinces. He said the people had now started moving back to their homes but they did not find any traces of their homes. This was giving rise to more problems and disputes were cropping up. There was also threat of outbreak of epidemic. He said the JI and other patriotic circles had been stressing for the setting up of a national relief commission to coordinate the relief and rehabilitation operation. but the federal and the provincial govts had not been able to decide so far whether the relief was to be distributed by the centre or the provinces.