KABUL (Agencies) Media coverage is inadequate to convey the scope of the floods that have ravaged Pakistan for more than a month, the US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Friday. Admiral Mike Mullen on Thursday toured flood-stricken areas of Pakistan with Pakistans Army Chief General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani. During Friday mornings flight from Islamabad to Kabul, Mullen told reporters he was taken aback by the scope and the massive scale of what he saw. The pictures and reporting just dont capture it, he said. Along with his own observations of flooded areas, he added, a briefing slide Kayani showed him helped him to understand the disasters magnitude. It said that effectively its like flooding the entire East Coast of the United States, he said. I think its going to take a considerable amount of time to recover from that. Mullen said Kayani told him 70,000 members of the Pak military are engaged in the flood response effort, and no reserve call-up has been necessary. Mullen added that he asked the Pakistani General whether insurgent activity had picked up with the military focusing so much attention on the floods, and that Kayani told him no significant outbreak of insurgent activity has taken place. I also asked about the support from the charitable-organisation fronts for the extremist organisations, Mullen told reporters, and he said, 'Not much. The chairman said Kayani explained that while those organisations do a pretty good job of strategic communications, they havent had much of an impact. Mullen said Kayani asked for satellite imagery taken before the flood began so current images and images taken after the waters recede can be put together in a database for purposes of comparison, but that the Pakistani General made no other requests.